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Powering Asia’s Digital Ecosystem


Welcome to APOStech by Media Partners Asia (MPA).

APOStech is Asia’s premier event showcasing the trends and innovation redefining telecoms, media and internet ecosystems. The Summit brings together strategic decision-makers, investors and entrepreneurs from across Asia’s digital economy.

As faster, cheaper broadband lays the foundation for transformational change across Asia, APOStech highlights the key drivers and market opportunities that can unlock value, anchored to product execution, partnerships, network investment and M&A.

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Key themes

Key Themes For APOStech 2019

  • Super Apps And Digital Ecosystems

    A key battleground is taking shape around digital bundles and services, creating new distribution models, partnerships and competitive dynamics for entertainment services. APOStech 2019 explores the market impact and future prospects for different digital distribution channels on the ground in Asia, as well as the role of new players from Super Apps to ecommerce giants.

  • The Changing Landscape For Investors

    Investment opportunities are multiplying and diversifying across Asia as internet access becomes mainstream. APOStech 2019 looks at how changes in capital flows and the investor mix are reshaping funding opportunities, valuations and competitive intensity, and what this means for startups, strategics and the investment community itself.

  • Online Gaming Spreads Its Wings

    Online gaming, already a US$70 billion-plus market in Asia, will diversify and grow as internet infrastructure and access continues to improve. APOStech 2019 taps into the key trends and economics shaping Asia’s gaming landscape, including content development, new distribution platforms and high-growth genres, including esports.

  • Scaling Video In A Broadband World

    A technological arms race around digital products and services is laying the foundation for new entertainment ecosystems. APOStech 2019 takes stock of the latest initiatives and innovations from broadcasters, platforms and startups in Asia and worldwide, focusing on scalable execution.

  • Data Transforms Video Business Models

    Companies that can harness customer data to power growth and profit have a major competitive advantage in a connected world. APOStech 2019 evaluates how media and entertainment companies are adjusting to this new imperative in Asia, while showcasing the latest advances in data generation, analysis and monetization.

  • Telcos Take On New Roles

    Telcos, the prime movers in Asia's digital transformation, are looking to move up the value chain as costs and competition intensify in the run-up to 5G. APOStech 2019 assesses the next stage of industry evolution across fast-changing markets in Asia Pacific, characterized by high-stakes bets that could trigger the next wave of consolidation.

  • The New Frontiers Of Advertising

    Online media's sustained march forward has triggered major organizational overhauls at global advertisers, agencies and media owners, responding to new competitors as well as new ways to market and sell to consumers. APOStech 2019 reviews the latest products and strategies in Asia, where rapidly evolving digital lifestyles and behaviors are driving shifts in spend.

  • New Content Realities: VR, AR & MR

    An always-online world creates new possibilities in content creation and consumption, opening the door for new businesses that enable virtual and augmented reality as well as mixed reality, blending the two. APOStech 2019 examines the progress of new content forms from production techniques to the evolution of hardware and headsets.

Full agenda is available now.

Nov 19 | Nov 20 | Nov 21

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Senior leaders and experts from the world’s leading media, telecom and tech industries in Asia will be convening and speaking at APOStech.

Contact us with your questions and suggestions.

APOStech 2019

Sofitel Bali, Nusa Dua Beach Resort, Indonesia


Preferential room rates at Sofitel Bali have been secured for APOStech delegates. The option to book these rooms will be provided upon confirmation of delegate registration. For further information regarding accommodation, please email:

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